Stage 17 – A Bride in the Vermilion Forbidden City


Finally I get to cash in on the powerlevlling I did a few stages ago

A few more general upgrades to go around…

Chirico, Todoh and Tieira get C.A.

Tianzi is suddenly engaged to the crown prince of Britannia, A-Laws top dogs are attending, and Wufei just manages to save Sally Po in China.

So what happens? Tieria attends the party in female form (thanks to Bobby’s makeup), the rest enter the party as waiters. Setsuna meets Louise and Billy outside the party grounds, Tieria meets up with Ribbons who offers him access again to VEDA; Zero gatecrashes the party and has a chess match with Schneizel. That match gets gatecrashed by Wufei, who goes for Tianzi, attempting to break the farce of a political marriage. Xingke stops him, but Zero wins by taking her away~-JL Lee

They don’t take valet parking for battleships, so we had to park down the road. You guys gonna have to walk it.
第17話: 朱禁城の花嫁
Stage 17: A Bride in the Vermilion Forbidden City

The victory condition is to defeat the Shen Hu, while the SR Point is a bit more complicated. Basically we have to defeat 12 or more enemy units, then defeat Shen-Hu and prevent Wufei from defeating more than 2 enemy units.

Turn 1

My plan is simple, but I’m not sure if it will work as I think. I’m going to try surround Wufei so he can’t move around, but I’m not sure if I’ll reach him in time.

Meanwhile anyone with Accel uses it and charges forward. Since Arios is faster than fast, he actually managed attack the enemy this round.On a side not, the Ikaruga can’t move for now.
End of turn 1.

Where the enemies move down on the right side (near Wufei), I decide to block instead of counterattacking, since I don’t him cleaning/stealing kills!

Turn 2

1 kill so far, 11 to go. Xingke charges straight into my forces.

Again if you attack shit near Wufei, make sure it’s dies on that turn!

End of turn 2. I already have 13 kills, so next turn I can kill Xingke.
In each enemy phase, Xingke continues to rally his troops with morale boosting!

And I seem to have made an error in letting him go, as he heads straight for the Ikaruga.
Wufei manages to sneak in a kill…I’ll let him have that one :p

Turn 3

This turn we can easily clear out the rest of the grunts.
And with the grunts dead, we can now turn our attention to Wufei. He’ll continue to respawn as long as Xingke is alive, so you can farm him for kills/levels as you need (he is level 30).
End of turn 3.

Turn 4-19

I kill him many, many MANY times. Finally after I’ve had enough, I pack up my guys in the battleships and ship them over to the Ikaruga, where Xingke has run out of EN.

Turn 19-22

It’s finally time to take out Xingke.

SR Point GET!

The problem arises AFTER that. As per the R2 story, those eunuchs had practically sold the country to Britannia, to the point of saying that the Tianzi can be replaced by any girl, as long as they survive and enjoy their riches and bountiful lifestyle.- JL Lee

Xingke and Wufei of course can’t stand for that, and with the help of all of ZEXIS, block off the cannon fire.Zero himself sorties in the Shinkiro and owns the enemy frontlines all by himself (bleh…). It was all JUST AS PLANNED, as was the entire conversation with the Eunuchs, thus inciting rebellion all across China. Schneizel, seeing that the tables have turned, decide to retreat, but not before leaving 3 of his Knights of Round behind to take down Zero.
– JL Lee

It’s almost like a whole new map again. The objective is to defeat the Dai Leung Tan (big pyramid thing), which means leaving it for last.
End of turn 22.

Turn 23

Quite a few enemies destroyed in the counterattack, rest have moved in.

Have C.C attack Anya for an event, this possibly leads to one of the conditions for obtaining the IF route.Creds to Anthurak for letting me know I missed this.

End of turn 23, crushed a lot of grunts!

Turn 24

Gino is taken out by a lucky TRANS-AM crit. He drops a Vernier Unit.

Suzaku is sniped by Michel, and he drops a Yggdrasil Drive.
End of turn 24. Just Anya and the Pyramid left.

Turn 25

Tieria melts Anya’s face and gets a high performance radar.

And finally I rain death upon the Dai Leung Tan. If you’re going for the IF route, be sure to finish it off with Zero. IT drops an E carbon armor.

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    Hm… Kinda liked the older format a bit better, but this format will work just find (just need to get use to it).

  2. Jeff

    If you want to, You can actually get the ace bonus of everyone you deployed here by repeatedly killing wufei. It took me 100+ turns

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