Stage 16 – Heart of the Dimension

This turn I spend my cash upgrading my Supers.


Crowe chit-chats with Lockon, who is surprised that he isn’t surprised, since the previous Lockon was on good terms, so everything about Lyle was told to him anyway.


The big bad message comes across. Uther, with the urgings of Anblon, makes his speech to conquer the planet, even though they came from an alternate dimension of Earth, using the Arc Sabers as well as the ZONE as deterrents. Too bad the A-Laws and OZ are too busy eyeballing each other to care, so it’s up to ZEXIS to save the day!


Setsuko has a very uneasy feeling about the ZONE…..

– JL Lee


第16話: 次元の心央

Stage 16: Heart of the Dimension

Turn 1


Again there’s no time limit or SR condition to speak of yet.

Like the previous stage, I just defend the starting position. I also bring along Daiguard, Sara, Sayaka and Fei so I can power level them. They are sent out to the front so they can soak up damage to repair.


Turn 2


Yay for clusterfucks.


I do start trimming the sides though.


End of turn 2.


Turn 3


All of the enemies continue to move in.


While I do kill a few more, I don’t want to spawn the reinforcements in just yet.


Turn 4


Eventually I decide it’s too hard tanking that many enemies and take some more out. Once a few have been defeated (10 I think), an event happens.


The King himself along with Marguerette show up.


And the SR point is revealed, do 4500 or more damage to Uther’s The Insa in one attack, he retreats after one battle.


And I wonder how this design came to be. “I want a robot…but the robot is actually my Crown!…For a bigger robot maybe?”


Marguerette on the other is level 60, so like Geroud in the previous stage, consider giving the kill to a battleship.


End of turn 4.


Shinn goes nuts counterattacking and gets a few kills.


Turn 5


Starting to really thin down the enemy numbers now. Just Marg and a few grunts left.


Marg goes for her MAP attack! Luckily she only hits a few tanking supers.

Turn 6….67


So not much happens, I spend some time leveling Fei and C.C by resupplying Fa. I would have done Sara and Sayaka as well, but Marguerette ran out of EN completely.


Turn 68


Finally it’s time to take down Marg.


I decide to let the Ptolemy take the kill, with a support attack for help.  Sumeragi and co. jump 6 levels. Marg drops a DM Radar.


With the rest of the enemies down, it’s time to take care of the King himself.


He won’t attack you so feel free to casually surround his ass for the 10% damage bonus.


Don’t forget to buff with Zero, analyze him etc. Use Exhaust (reduce enemy’s morale by 10) also if you have it.


Finally use a support attack to pretty much guarantee success.


Even after all that I just manage to scrape the 4500 needed for the SR Point.


Anbronn shows up with her latest creations. Finally cracking how Gaiou does it, she’s managed  to replicate the process, creating artificial DAMONs , using Insalaum soldiers as test subjects no less.


There’s not much else to do, just clean up these 4 ADAMONs, but first…


A little more powerlevelling 🙂


And we’re finally done.


It’s too late though, the ZONE activates! Maybe I shouldn’t have stopped to farm those levels :S


Asakim Dowan!


Of all people, Asakim shows up to explain that ZONE is another man-made construct that draws power from Origin 0, where the source of all power lies, including the Spheres. The only way to stop it for now is to use the same power to neutralise it, or else it’ll destroy 1/4 of the entire continent.


Sadly enough, only the Sorrowful Maiden has the ability to do so, since the Swaying Scales is still not fully awakened yet. Setsuko sacrifices her existence on the material plane to force the ZONE to stop, destroying only the city that they were in.

-JL Lee


Meanwhile Regene Regetta reveals to Tieria that like himself, is not a human, but rather an Innovator. He also tells of the Innovators controlling things behind the scenes, and also of Aeolia’s plans.

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