Stage 14B – Power Bestowed

Heero joins the C.A club


And I do my usual upgrading.


第14話: 与えられた力

Stage 14: Power Bestowed


…and Katharon gets pwned.


This is the first mission where we can’t deploy all of our units. You can only choose 7! Oh and Kyrios is a forced deployment. I pick CB, Wing and Destiny (since they are the fastest guys), Camille and Kallen, because she is awesome.




And the SR Point is to Defeat all enemies, then defeat the Guyana Class Land Carrier by Turn 4’s player phase.


Here”s the map.


And I do the usual suicide run with Heero and Shinn.


End of turn 1. Allelujah is sent to the top, the rest go down the middle.


Let the Buster spam begin!


Turn 2


On turn 2 there’s an event.




End of turn 2. With Super Robot Gundan at the south, I sent Zeta as reinforcements to the north.


Super Robot Gundan starts at 120 morale, so all their powers start activating real fast.


Turn 3


With most grunts dead, it’s just a matter of cleaning up Bushido, Jenin, and the rest of the grunts. Soma chases Allelujah.


Wing gets a propellant tank refuel and takes out Louise while damaging the Guyana.


Bushido is dealt with, with a stray Rocket Punch. He drops a Precision Targeting Lens.


Barack Zenin is taken for a ride


At the end of turn 3, it’s just Soma, 2 GN-XIIIes and the Guyana left. All of which are nearly dead.


Turn 4


Just Soma and Guyana left.


Allelujah takes out Soma. She drops a High Performance Radar.


Her defeat causes an event where Allelujah and she retreat.


Finally Dancouga takes out the Guyana, and it drops a Land  Module.


SR Point Get!


And more allied reinforcements!


Oh hay guys what did I miss


Because of Daiguard everyone gets another 5 PP.


The main focus is that the Earth Federation, upon the Call for ZEXIS, issued an instant order to freeze the crimes of any and all within ZEXIS (aka Celestial Being, Black Knights and Colony Gundams). Zero realises that it’s almost as if Elgan had forseen what would have happened to the Earth Federation and prepared such an order in advance.

However, Treize also stresses that while ZEXIS is part of the Earth Federation, they will also be enemies of the Earth Federation’s forces, which is accepted by all the commanders.

-JL Lee


Meanwhile Soma and Alle have crash landed on some island. He’s trying to convince her that she’s his long lost love, while she’s trying to kill him.


Eventually she freaks out, has some flashbacks and finally remembers that she is THE MARIE


The Colonel, not wanting to get in between the two, declares Soma Peries to be KIA.


Meanwhile, Ribbons is still holding a comatose Elgan captive as the former lays out his plans for the future of the Federation….

-JL Lee


And finally, some parts for completing the route split!


Sub orders are also available now.


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