Stage 13B – Gates of War

Duo gets 330 PP and gets his Continuous Action.


More upgrades!


Also I’ve been meaning to do this for several stages now, but Wing Gundam finally gets the propellant tank for some Buster Rifle spam in bird mode. The Scopedog also gets the A-adapter, so it can start punching faces in the air.



第13話: 戦雲の扉

Stage 13: Gates of War

Turn 1


No SR point conditions so far, just a lot of grunts to smash.


No seishin is cast, and enemy hit rates vary from 10-30%.


End of turn 1.


Turn 2


On turn 2 there’s an event…


Rarrrgh more dimenional rifts


WTF Great Axion?


Now that’s alot of guys.


Time for some defensive seishin and Zero’s buffs.


Right in the nads!


After a number of kills (6?) there’s another event.


Ohh man that looks badass. Ywain, Arksaber Number4


He is a tanky mofo.


And he looks angry.


And the SR point is reveled, 5 turns to Defeat all enemies, then Sapphiada by Turn 5. He will retreat in Turn 6 or when his HP falls below 4500 HP.


I take advantage of Setsuna’s C.A to kill an enemy then rush down to Ywain’s location. This is to prevent him from waltzing into the water to attack my guys, which is very VERY, VERYYY BAD


End of turn 2. Camille, Duo and Chirico sent off to take down the left side, Heero and Shinn on the left, while the rest of the guys go down the middle.


Turn 3


On turn 3 there’s yet another event.




Anyway, I take advantage of Lockon and Trowa’s support attacks to maximize damage.


By the end of turn 3 only 9 enemies remain.


Turn 4


This turn is spent smashing the rest of the grunts.


Anyone with Attune/Invincible casts it and attacks the boss. He has guard, prevail and morale limit break, so he is a freaking tank. I have my support attackers in a clump so I can DPS him down. The guy has a 3 range map attack so I’ve been careful to just stay out of his range.


End of turn 4.  He has about 5K HP left, should be easily dealt with on the next turn. Oh yeah did I mention he has small HP regen too? Bastard. Make sure you take that into account when planning to kill him.


Turn 5


Now you might think 4500 is not alot of damage…well it is for this guy. He has Guard, Morale Limit Break, Lvl6 Potential, and the forest he’s standing in grants him another 10% defense bonus. Even the most powerful attacks deal at most 3000 -ish damage to him.


There’s a couple of things we can do to increase our chances of getting the SR point. First is to cast ‘Analyze’, Tieria should have this , basically it grants 10% extra damage done against the scanned enemy unit.


Next is to surround the mofo on all sides. This gives another 10% bonus damage.


Finally, use the Suicide Attack Zero buff to give maximum damage.


With all of the above he should easily go down! He drops a DM Armor.


And SR Point GET!


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