Stage 12B – One Million Miracles

Quatre is the next guy with enough PP for Continuous Action.

And to round out the CB crew, Arios gets some money.


Wing gets more EN since it’s a freaking hog.


第12話: 百万のキセキ

Stage 12: One Million Miracles


Oh hey didn’t anyone tell you it was “Dress up like Zero day?”


After some lengthy dialogue, the stage finally begins with Kallen solo.


Suuuuure, I can take all of them on.


End of turn 1. I’m coming for you Brittania!



Turn 2


Brittannia also comes for Kallen!


Time for some Iron Wall.


End of turn 2.



Turn 3


After surviving many many many attacks, Turn 3 finally arrives with an event.


Suddenly the Ikaruga and Ptolemy arrives, and Kallen gets her flight upgrade.


And the SR point is revealed, Defeat Anya, Gino and Suzaku. They all retreat at 6000 HP.


Here’s the map now. Note  that we get C.C, Todoh and his 2 cronies as units as well.


Don’t forget that now Zero is back you can buff units with his orders command.




End of turn 3. No doubt the bosses will be a pain in the ass to hit, so I’m going cheap on the seishin for now.


The entire enemy force hail down upon Chirico. Since he is on red HP…




Despite Abnormal Survivor activating, Chirico’s run comes to an untimely end, due to the continuous dodge penalty.


It takes a quite a few resets before I get a lucky block which brings him to GODLIKE status.


Turn 4


Turn 4 is a massive clusterfuck.


GN-XIIIes are no match for Setsuna.


End of turn 4. Most of the grunts are dead.


Setsuna having a bad day!



Turn 5


In turn 5 we get two boss kills. Todoh and Luna team up to bring down Gilford.


Kallen and Trowa take down Gino.


End of turn 5. I’ve saved Suzaku and Anya for the next turn as I have to set up my support attackers in position.


Turn 6


Allelujah downs Suzaku, doing an 8K TRANS-AM crit. And Lockon brings down Anya. Don’t forget to support attack!


SR Point get!


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