Stage 10B – Another Lockon

Finally my first guy with Continuous Attack, and no surprise, it’s Setsuna.


Trowa gets Hit and Away, a sniper guy like him really needs it.


Meanwhile Setsuna goes to recruit Lockon the 2nd, Lyle Dylandy.


…also stops by to pick up Sumeragi who’s taken up the bottle and has been sleeping with Billy from A-LAWS ever since the end of Hakai Hen. Oops!




第10話: もう一a人のロックオン

Stage 10: Another Lockon

Turn 1


No SR point just yet…


However to avoid a repeat of Stage 8, I’m going balls out on this


End of turn 1. Heero and Shinn cast accel, and move as far as they can.




Turn 2


All the enemies, including Zechs and Quattro move in.


Need to start using Concentrate, because these grunts have ridiculously high accuracy and evasion :S


End of turn 2.





Turn 3


Enemy forces are starting to dwindle…but the guys in the water are kinda annoying to deal with.


Finally Setsuna’s CA kicks in and gets 2 shots


End of turn 3. Just Quattro, Zechs and one Leo left.

Turn 4


Just Quattro and Zechs left now.


Since there is no SR point yet, I test the waters by blowing up one of them…


Okay a bunch of shit happens, which I will get to in a second, but the SR point is complete the stage with Quattro and Zechs destroying less than 3 units each. The team’s position resets as well. Also note that defeating either of them causes the rest of the OZ forces to retreat, so leave them for last if you want the money!


So lets just rewind  a bit. Basically in order to get the optimum scenario, I damage Quattro down to the red so he can be easily killed next turn.


End of turn 4.


Turn 5/6/7


Actually fuck it, I’m going to kill both of them. After some maneuvering, I manage to get these guys in line, which is pretty easy, since Quattro will always chase Camille and Zechs always goes for Heero.


And I prepare Zechs for his death…


It’s turn 7 and we’re in position! All we need to do is cast Attune…


Note Quattro drops a Beam Coat, while Zechs drops a Vernier unit. Hence the reason why I want to kill both (I used Wing’s MAP attack).


Upon their destruction the event occurs.


DMs show up to TROLOLOLOL


Including some new weird looking guys.


Lockon the 2nd shows up to save the gang  show off


Our team gets reset to the East.


And Quattro/Zechs to the West.


Here’s what the map looks like now. Note seishin etc doesn’t get refilled, also any unit which have already moved don’t get a 2nd turn.


First order of business to to send guys to the west side to cut off Zechs/Quattro so they don’t get the kills (for SR point). Since my Wing Gundam is already used, Shin is the only one who can intercept them.


End of turn 7.


After 2 DM kills there’s an event.


I thought I killed this bitch in Hakai Hen?


Oh great now she’s an NPC


At least she’s not completely useless…WAIT, SHE’S STEALING MY KILLS!!!


She gets down to red life, but at least she can dodge, so I can reset if needed.


Turn 8


This turn my guys can completely cut the 2 OZ guys off.


End of turn 8.


Turn 9


On turn 9 it’s just the Rhino DAMON left.


Who promptly gets sliced up


SR Point GET


Marg retreats after the stage…


Meet Treize’s two latest bitches!


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  1. Dick

    Just finished this stage, man it took forever but it was a nice introduction stage that brought back Sumuragi and revealed the new Lock-On. Seems that in the early stages Kallen was a big favorite with all the guys at Banpresto since she has a ton of lines with many characters outside her series.

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