Space Route Stage 23 – Grief Stricken Quatre


Okay not 100% sure of the details, but basically Quatre’s dad did not want to be manufacturing weapons for OZ on his satellite anymore, so decides to separate his satellite from the rest of the L4 colony. Unfortunately for him, since OZ are bastards, decide to shoot him down using a colony laser. Hence Quatre is pretty freaking depressed and has the secret Wing Zero built to eradicate war once and for all (dude we already tried that!).

第23話: 悲しみのカトル
Stage 23: Grief Stricken Quatre

I sure hope he took out some public liability insurance.

Quatre activates his Zero system which grants him Concentrate and Iron Wall each turn.

Turn 1

SR Point – Defeat all enemies, then the Wing Zero Gundam by Turn 6.

This map is kinda tall so I can barely fit it on one screenshot. Anyway we start with the SEED bro’s at the south east, Quatre to the north east, and the rest of OZ at the west.

Not much to do but to move in. Didn’t cast concentrate yet.

Turn 2

And rightly so because the enemies can’t reach our guys yet. There’s no allied reinforcements yet either.

I double team one of the Taurus’ with the guys. STILL no reinforcements.

End of turn 2.

With Concentrate activated and the guys hiding in the asteriod field, these OZ guys have no chance.

Turn 3


Our guys arrive as well, with Duo and Wufei as forced.

Here’s the map. With our guys at the far south east, getting to Quatre on time might be a challenge.

After a few kills, I do the Will Up/CA tactic with Setsuna.

And guess who is my first ACE

End of turn 3.

Trowa, Heero and Quatre start their own little war on the side.

WTF these Mobile Dolls have hax accuracy. I had to start blocking with Kira as to not get shot down.

Turn 4

My guys are still at least 2 turns away from reaching Quatre.


End of turn 4. Even with C.A I’m kinda struggling against the Mobile Doll support defense. AND THAT STUPID ASTERIOD BELT AT THE BOTTOM RIGHT OMG.

During the enemy phase Aquarion pretty much solos the bottom left corner with Mugen punches.

Couple of guys break off to attack the Ptolemy as well.

Turn 5

Since most of the enemies were taken care of in the counterattack, it’s time to turn our attention to Heero and Trowa.

Duo takes out Heero, who drops a Vernier Unit.

Touga and co. get Trowa, and he drops a precision targetting lens.

Now it’s time to down Quatre. He has Iron Wall, so you’ll be lucky to get 2000 damage on him with a finishing more, so you’ll definitely need at least 1 whole turn to take him down.

End of turn 5. There’s just one grunt left, and Quatre is down to 7K HP, both will easily be dealt with next turn.

Instead of Twin Buster Mapping my guys, he goes for Duo instead.

Turn 6

Time to die you fradulent Gundam!

And Jesus Yamato gets the kill.

SR Point GET!

Despite being blown up Heero and Trowa ressurect themselves for another showdown.

Trowa being the bro that he is, takes the bullet for Heero.

OZ reinforcements arrive

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  1. KLinedIScream

    Loved this update, it makes me all nostalgic-y about watching Gundam Wing back in the 90’s. And I enjoyed the Arranged Battle + parodies too. XD For further lolz, maybe edit the ? ? ? to “Not-Zechs”

    Gameplay-wise did you by any chance test out Setsuna’s shiny Ace Bonus? (1.5X damage to Gundam-class enemies or Solar Furnace equipped enemies) I don’t think Vayeate and Mercurius count as Gundam-class, but Wing Gundam Zero definitely should.

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