Space Route Stage 22 – Ranka Attack


Hi guys, sorry for the format change again, but I think this is for the best. After some review I’ve decided to return to something more basic, but with larger images and slightly more formatting.

First of all team Aquarion have 300+ PP, and I decide to upgrade Sirius’ melee for Element System abuse. Sylvia will eventually get her skill upgraded once Apollo gets his Attack Again skill.

Meanwhile 00 Raiser and Zeta edge their way close to godlike status.

第22話: ランカ・アタック

Stage 22: Ranka Attack

Turn 1

We get 20 units once more, with Brera and Kanaria as forced deployments.

Yay lets run into the suspiciously empty space where the enemy will most certainly spawn!

And the SR Point is to destroy 50 Vajra while not letting Kanaria take any damage, all this by Turn 5

There aren’t even 50 enemies on the stage yet…

While the SR Point might seem kind of daunting at first, it’s actually not impossible. If you check the maximum movement range of the Vajra, and that their post range attack is only 2 (3 squares for the red one), you can see that she can easily outrun them.

First item, Kanaria runs as far north as possible. If you’re ballsy you can have her attack a Vajra first, but you might need a few resets not to take any damage.

Meanwhile Brera and the rest of the gang charge in

End of turn 1.

Turn 2

Most of the Vajra chase Kanaria.

Klan’s upgrades mean she can easily one shot the brown Vajra.

After 10 kills, another wave spawns…

And after another 10….

End of turn 2. We’re already up to 22 kills.

After 3 games I don’t think I’ve ever used this guy once until now.

Turn 3

And after the enemy phase it’s 29 kills.

Third wave of reinforcements arrive at 30 kills

Woo Newtype level 5 and we’ve unlocked some Hyper Beam Saber BS!

Fourth wave!

And after a long and boring battle, I have my 50 kills and the SR point.

This causes a short event where 3 big Vajra spawn.

As does Basara…


Here’s the map now. Basara will always go to where the Quarter is.

He is rather useful for one-shotting the fatties.

End of turn 3.

Enemies are strangely attracted to Allelujah this turn. HE DOES NOT APPRECIATE

Turn 4

On turn 4 there’s an event.

The rest of Basara’s groupies arrive. Which means he now has MY FRIENDS, TRY AGAIN and the various MAP attack versions

And Moon WILL’s cronies

Basara one shots another big Vajra.

With the rest cleaned up it’s time to move up to take down the new guys

End of turn 4 with only 6 enemies left.

Turn 5

No kills, but I did some major damage.

Aaand it’s just a matter of cleaning up.

Arramged Battle

While not really a battle, here’s why the Vajra don’t like Basara’s music 😛

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    I’ve been wondering, how can you get the Newtype ability for the Zeta’s pilot ????

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