Space Route Stage 21 – Legendary Voice


I do my usual Suborder stuff, but hold off upgrading….

Route Split

Route split time! Since the space route has more Gundam series in it, I’ll be taking that one for now.

Crowe’s debt is now 970,000G!

Intermission (again)

Means more subordering…
A lot of upgrades…

Marin, Apollo, Takeru, Aoi, Lockon and Klan all equipped with C.A.
第21話: 伝説の歌声

Stage 21: Legendary Voice

Turn 1

A-LAWS forces intercept the crew in space…
With a 20 unit deploy you can sortie almost everyone. Alto is a forced deployment.

But of course, the Vajra show up in the suspiciously empty side on the map. A-LAWS decide this is too much trouble for them and leave.
SR Point – Within 3 turns, destroy all of the Vajra, do not let the Macross Quarter take any damage


Again after enough kills, I use Setsuna’s Will Up to activate his C.A and charge the enemy line
End of turn 1.

Turn 2

The plan doesn’t quite work out, since some of the Vajra are programmed to ignore and head for the Macross Quarter instead.
It’s important to keep check of which enemies can actually get in range of the Quarter and attack it, like this one here.

The killing continues
One fat Vajra down!

End of turn 2. It’s a freakin slaughter with all but 3 enemies left.

Turn 3

And the last 2 down go down….
Easy SR Point!

More dimensional BS!
WTF is that?
More Vajra pop

But Basara in his VF-19 shows up. The Vajra are not partial to his singing and run off.
Pierre can’t get over it!

Finally more enemies show up in the form of bad guys from Godmars.
Here’s the map after all that shit is done. Note while Basara is on our side, he’s a NPC and you can’t control him.

End of turn 3. Cleaned out quite a few enemies!

Basara can dodge quite well so you don’t really have to worry about him.

Turn 4

Alto almost destroyed the entire left side by himself, while the rest of the squad took care of the right.

With the rest of the enemies easily going down, it’s time to DPS the boss.

I use Aquarion to down him. He drops a thruster module.

Cya later duuuuudes

Post stage

Production Notes

No arranged battle this time, since it’s yet another filler stage.

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