Prologue Stage 3 – The Last Day on Earth

第3話: 世界最後の日

Prologue Stage 3: The Last Day of the Earth


We start off with the Getter and Gurren Lagann crew…


Oh joy, it’s the trash mobs everyone loves to hate, Invaders.


Only 12 to start with but hey you can bet your ass there will be more!


End of turn 1.



After defeating about 6 Invaders an event happens…


Zerged by fake Getters


Normally this would be a problem but luckily in the prologue, most named bosses only have 6-10KHP.


Turn 2. Only 4 Invaders remain, along with the Shin Dragon. Unfortunately fighting those damn Invaders has drained most of the energy from Gurren Lagann (due to that EN absorb attack).




End of turn 2. Just the one invader and Dragon.


Turn 3.


With only the Dragon left, all that’s left is to wail on it until it dies.


These unwinnable story events are so gay 🙁


Mystery guy to the rescue!


Okay that was hella random and I have no idea what just happened. I did see the word missile in there somewhere thought!


Ribbons Almark finally makes his appearance post scenario too…and with that marks the end of the prologue stages and the game can finally begin!

Creds to KLinedScream for the skits.


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  1. KLinedIScream

    Parody for “unwinnable story event is so gay”:

    Ryoma: Fuck! It’s a fucking unwinnable story event!
    Dr. Saotome: AHAHAHAHAHA. Cower powerlessy at the might of the unwinnable story event!
    Mr. Koen: Oh yes! The unwinnable story event is truly villianous! …So utterly devious!
    Rossiu: What the hell are you all talking about?!

    Parody for dialogue on “mystery guy to the rescue!”:

    Go: Are you the pusher of that Sunshine stuff? I hear that shit will get you totally stoned.

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