Middle East Route Stage 7 – Wings of Rebellion

More upgrades, this time Seravee Gundam.


Setsuna and Heero…it’s a match made in heaven


第7話: 反逆の翼

Stage 7: Wings of Rebellion


SR Point – Defeat all enemies, then defeat Zechs by Turn 4.


Turn 1


Jeez that’s alot of guys. We start all the way at the south and basically need to work our way up north to Zechs.


End of turn 1. The tactic once again is to spread out damage (and there are no stupid NPCs to foil me this time!)


Turn 2


Great success! 4 enemy kills in the counterattack. Now the problem is how to distribute the units.


End of turn 2. This is what I went with. Tieria and Esther to tank the right side, while the Wing boys handle the left side.


After around the 6th or 7th enemy kill (this happened in enemy phase for me) there’s an event.


Zechs and Heero have a moment.


And Heero respawns in his Wing Gundam.


And the Z and SEED crew are sick of OZ’s crap, and join back on our side!


Quatre is such a bro.


And this will be the most action the Methuss will ever see in this playthrough


So close to being fried.


Meanwhile Zechs duels Heero up top…since he has 100% hit rate and the mission ends if he dies, I decide just to block his shit.


Turn 3


After that very long turn, there’s now some decisions. Basically we have this turn and the whole of next turn to deal with Quattro and Zechs, the problem which is Zechs is all the way up north.


Heero casts Concentrate and Sense, luring Zechs to the rest of the pack.


End of turn 3.  Most of the grunts should have been heavily damaged and should be killed in the counterattack, Quattro is 1/3 to death, and thus I send 5 guys to go deal with Zechs next turn.


Enemies are OBSESSED with the destruction of Fa. Can’t blame them.


In a surprise move, Quattro move to take on the fatty. His 47% vs my 32%


And we both miss 🙁




Turn 4


I had to reset a few times but I finally made it to turn 4 without Heero getting blown up. There’s only one Aries, Quattro and Zechs left.




Ashamed at his defeat Quattro runs away


And the rest of the gang team up to take out Zechs


SR Point get!


And Heero Yui once  again leaves


Post mission Quattro is bitter that all his friends have left him and he is stuck with the masked man club.




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  1. Somath Cegem

    Erm, Is the everybody piles on Zechs video supposed to be private, because I was really looking forward to another of your compilation vids, they’re ever epic.

  2. YJ

    @Somath Cegem
    Fixed, I was writing up stage 8 and totally forgot about this 🙁

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