Middle East Route Stage 6 – Wandering Angels

Before the stage starts I decide it’s time to start splashing out some dosh on upgrades. Well some anyway.


A-laws next operation is targeting the rebel group Katharon, meanwhile Louise still swearing revenge at the Gundams for blowing up her family in Hakai Hen.


And cue the alarm bells as the gang run into said A-laws.


第6話: 彷徨う天使達

Stage 6: Wandering Angels


And the SR point is revealed,  Defeat all GN-XIIIs, then defeat Ahead before the last Katharon Tieren reaches the designated points. 


Turn 1


End of turn 1. Only manage to take one guy out after ganging up on them with 3 of my guys.


Unfortunately it seems the A-laws are more interested in destroying Katharon than going after my guys.


Turn 2


Turn 2 begins with an event…


Tieria shows up in Severee Gundam.


Which is severely lacking in post movement moves.


WTF a 94% hit and I get a miss!!


Louise is a POS and only has 6000ish HP.


End of turn 2. No kills, instead trying to spread out the damage so there are more chances for kills in the counterattack. Tieria is too far to do anything at this state.


And one pesky bitch gets swatted.


After the last A-laws unit moves, there’s an event


Oh joy.


Meanwhile Esther eats a beam rifle from the Ahead that does a whopping 4000 damage.


Turn 3


It’s starting to get a bit crowded with all these DAMONs now in the picture. Unfortunately the are the same faction as A-laws, so it’s not like they will help me kill them 🙁

Anyway with Tieria being the only guy who can deal with the units at the bottom casts Iron Wall and takes them on.




End of turn 3. Still a quite a few GN-XIII but they are mostly damaged.


Turn 4


Okay I might’ve made a slight mistake by spreading damage, since most of the GN-X will ignore my forces. And I must destroy all of them including the boss by end of turn 5.


End of turn 4. If one of the enemy GN-X doesn’t get destroyed in the enemy phase it might be impossible to get the SR Point.


2 of the Tierens manage to escape…


…and thankfully the rest of the A-laws decide to fuck off and attack me instead.


Turn 5


Here’s my plan. Esther kills one, Tieria kills one,  then Quatre and Trowa kill the Ahead.


Close to victory, Tieria decides to show off by pulverizing one GN-XIII with beam spam


And one DM is gravy.


Down goes the Ahead and I get an E Carbon Armor.


SR Point get!


Salty at his loss, Barack goes straight for the last Tieren…


…but is cock blocked by a mysterious figure. The rest of the DMs retreat, bringing an end to the stage.


Wooo the Ptolemy is back and I have a cap-ship now!



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