Middle East Route Stage 5 – OZ and A-laws

If you own an ex-ZEXIS Gundam pilot and don’t want to get fucked up like CB and the Wing boys, OZ is the place to be!


第5話: OZとアロウズ

Stage 5: OZ and A-laws

Turn 1


OZ have laid a trap to lure the Colony Gundams out…


And the squad enters, knowingly springing the trap.


It’s our 5 guys vs 17, including Quattro and Zechs.


And the goal is to get Wufei to the marked squares within 5 turns, the SR point is to destroy all enemies first


End of turn 1. Instead of going for kills, try to damage as many units as possible so we can get more kills in the counterattack phase.


Turn 2

And we have a problem, because all the stupid Leos in the middle have decided to all move towards Wufei. He has no concentrate and the enemies hit rate against him is fairly high too (40-50%).


End of turn 2.



Turn 3


Despite Wufei not doing so bad, he’s been totally sucked dry of EN.

Esther also got blasted real bad in the enemy phase, but luckily I had a repair kit on her.


Whoah Quattro is not fucking around


Behind you Quattro-tai


End of turn 3.

A fruitless exchange between Duo and Zechs…



Damn u 4 Vagina!!!


Turn 4


With only Quattro, Zechs and 2 grunts left, we’re looking to be on track for our 5 turn SR point.


The problem is everyone is nearly out of SP and the 2 aces are a bitch to hit.


But a lucky critical by Trowa manages to finish off Quattro this turn!


End of turn 4.


Turn 5


Now the question is can I kill Zechs in 1 turn?


The sad answer is no.  Zechs has seems to have quite a bit of defense, and without seishin, my guys just can’t do enough damage to him. Meaning I have to reload my save from the end of turn 3 / start of turn 4.


Turn 4, 2nd time


This time instead of trying to kill Quattro this turn, I’m going to try to whittle down Zechs as much as possible.


Unfortunately, this requires many a rage reset, as I try to get my guys to actually hit him with their crappy rates (and also not get killed).


End of turn 4. This time, Quattro at 5500, and Zechs at 8500.


It’s a great counterattack too, with them missing my guys and mine actually hitting!


Turn 5, 2nd time


Yep looking good.


There goes Zechs


And Quattro follows shortly


And GG, SR Point


Wufei runs off to get a piece of Trieze, meanwhile Camille, Fa Luna and Shinn show up as part of the OZ forces.


At the confrontation Wufei fails miserably and runs off again, this time extra salty


And the guys decide it’s a good time to scram.


Wow. Finally the game is becoming more challenging, this stage being the first time I’ve had to resort to multiple resets to get the SR point. Then again, I’m still running on no upgrades, so maybe now it’s worth investing in some.


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  1. Forte

    You sure you can get it on turn five? I’m on turn five and its not giving me the SR Point.

  2. YJ

    Pretty sure. The conditions are:
    SR Point: Defeat all enemies, then fulfill the Victory Condition.
    Victory Conditon: Have Wufei reach the designated points in 5 Turns.

  3. Forte

    Odd. It was turn five and I killed off Zechs with Duo on my first move, then moved Wufei to the point. Tried it tree times and nothing happened; maybe I did something wrong.

    Ill see what happens when I play again; thanks for replying though.

  4. meister 366

    u should upgrade ur suits first. zechs and the gang barely hit me…xcept wufei of coz

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