Middle East Route Stage 4 – Bewildered Soldiers

Before the mission starts there’s yet another route split. The top option is the Middle East, which is Gundam Wing and 00 Gundam, while Kummen is the Code Geass and VOTOMs route. Since I’m going all 00 Gundam routes, the Middle East it is.


We head to Azadistan, where the Colony Gundams have been spotted. A-Laws forces disguised as terrorists come. It’s an excuse for them to conduct an armed intervention in Azadistan. Knowing this, Heero and Trowa come out from the circus tents they were hiding in.

第4話: 迷える戦士達 

Stage 4: Bewildered Soldiers


Turn 1. Middle of the desert, Heero in a crappy Leo, Heavyarms, a whole bunch of terrorists. Fun. There’s no SR point condition yet either. Note I’m on hard mode now since I’ve managed to collect all the SR Points so far.


Playing it safe, Heero casts concentrate and moves up.


Everyone pretty much targets Heero in the enemy turn, luckily he manages to evade everything.


At the start of turn 2, Quatre, Duo and Esther show up at the north west.


End of turn 2.


Turn 3.


When there are 6 enemies left there’s an event…


Where Trowa rushes save his sister or something.


I AM GUNDAM shows up


End of turn 3.


Turn 4, left one guy alive from the enemy phase because  I don’t want enemy reinforcements showing up in their turn.




And the SR Point is revealed, Defeat Barrack Zinin’s Ahead (Retreats when below 6000 HP).


End of turn 4. These GN-XIII are pretty annoying, with several just surviving many of my attacks with around 100HP.


Turn 5.


By the end of turn 5 it’s just 2 GN-XIII and the Ahead remaining.


Turn 6.


Since it’s only Barrack left, I do my usual ‘surround the boss then rape him’ tactic. Since the guy retreats at 6000HP, a support attack is necessary to do the deed.


SR Point get!


Heero and Setsuna hold hands and walk off into the sunset.


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