The year in review – 2017

Hi all and Happy New Year! Time for my yearly update post.

And by yearly it almost feels just as long since I actually posted. 2017 was understandably a bit of a slow year for me as I spent quite some time away taking care of my baby boy.

I did however manage to bust some kits out and I’m very thankful to my wife who let me have some time for myself to finish these. My GP01 also won 3rd place at HLJ’s Plamo competition! I also managed to try a bit of modding, pla-plating and weathering for the very first time.

I took the plunge and also upgraded to a macro DSLR lens and also started to photography anime figures.

Metro Hobbies, my goto hobby store in Melbourne CBD, also closed down this year.

For gaming I only managed to play Divinity Original Sin 2, Super Robot Wars V, Danganronpa 3 and Steins;Gate 0. Uncharted 4 continues to be my ongoing game of choice, with my Best Of series already passing 40 volumes and more to come.

In 2018 I’m hoping to be able to build a few more kits and more importantly, photograph them as I’m now several years behind in documenting my work.

Kits I would like to build this year:

  • ZZ Gundam ver.Ka (in progress)
  • HG Shia Qan[T] (in progress)
  • MG Freedom Gundam 2.0
  • MG Justice
  • RG Unicorn
  • RG Gold Frame Amatsu Mina
  • At least one Frame Arms Girl kit

Here’s to a great 2018!


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