HG Barbatos Lupus Rex Type-02 preview

Anyone with young kids probably knows what a pain it is when someone in the household gets sick. I was hoping to get a few WIP posts out but I’ve been swimming in a pool of diseases for the last month with myself, my wife and my son getting the flu over and over.

Anyway I’m proud to present my entry for the Barbatos build-off with Goodguydan. I’ve only included some profile shots as a full photoshoot usually takes me a few days. The eventual full post will include the heavy mace and poses.

This is my first HG Barbatos kit and it was a pretty easy build. Seamlines are pretty much non-existant, but as a tradeoff you’ll need to quite a fair bit of masking to get it box accurate.

The overall concept was a “field repair” half-man, half-beast version of the Barbatos that used parts from all the different variations. What if Tekkadan had to get the Gundam repaired hastily without sending it off to Teiwaz?

Parts used are:

– Right arm, left leg, chest and head are from the Lupus Rex

– Left arm is from the 6th Form

– Right leg is from the Lupus

From concept to completion

This version also has a “demon arm” inspired by Guren Type-02 from Code Geass which it takes it’s namesake from. I also tried my hand at some modding by extending the claws using some leftover runners and also used pla-plate for the first time by covering the unsightly gaps in the heel. The only ting that’s really missing is some battle damage/weathering, but I didn’t have time to try it out.

Also since this is a build off with Dan, I decided I had to do a bit fancier masking on this kit, though my attempts are a bit ham-handed 🙂 Overall I’m fairly happy with the final result, but my shading is a bit rough in a few places.

Full gallery should be up in the next few weeks. Please also be sure to check out Goodguydan’s build!

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