HG Barbatos Build-off with Goodguydan

Spring has finally come again in the land down under and I’m finally ready to start building some Gunpla again. I’ll be starting off with a Barbatos build off project with Goodguydan.

For this build I’m going to build a concept Barbatos Lupus Rex “Repair” concept that I’ve been toying with. It’s always bothered me that the Barbatos always gets repaired so nicely.

This bash uses parts from the various Barbatos kits and I think the mismash somewhat follows Mika’s arc of slowly becoming less than human. If this turns out well I’m going to build a 1/100 version of this with some possible weathering.

Since I’ve technically only got one month I won’t be doing anything too fancy on this other than maybe a two-tone RG scheme.

I’ll be posting WIPs on my Patreon page so please be sure to check there!

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