100 minutes of Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost Gameplay

Here is a high quality video showing almost 2 hours of Full Boost gameplay. The player goes through arcade mode as well as VS, and uses a few MS, including Strike Noir, X-1 Full Cloth, Sazabi, Sinaju, The O, Dragon Gundam and more. Hit the jump to view.

Arcade Mode (up to 46:00), using Extreme Gundam, Strike Noir

PvP (from about 46:30)

The O (47:30)

Dragon (59:30)

Quanta (1:06:30)

Zeta (1:10:10)

Sazabi (1:17:10)

X1 Full Cloth (1:23:55 )

Tallgeese Ⅲ (1:35:20)

Sinanju (1:38:27)

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