Hakai Hen clear bonuses for Super Robot Wars Z2-2 Saisei Hen revealed

A while ago it was confirmed that players who had completed Z2 Hakai Hen would receive bonus parts, cash, and PP based on the number of times they had completed the game. Now we know exactly you’ll be getting.

If you’ve completed the game at least once, you get the following bonus:

  • All pilots start with 150PP
  • All pilot kill counts start at 5
  • Start with 500,000 money
  • Start with Barrier Field, DM Unit and  破界の紋章 (Hakai no Monsou)

For each time you have cleared the game (up to 10 times) you get an additional bonus:

  • Additional 10 x (clear) PP
  • Additional 1 x (clear) kills for each pilot
  • Additional 100,000 x (clear) money

And finally if you’ve completed the entire scenario chart you get:

  • Additional 100 PP for each pilot
  • Additional 5 starting kills for each pilot
  • Additional 500,000 starting money
  • Start with A-Adapter, Repair Kit, Cartridge, Propellant Tank

Screenshot showing the calculation of clear bonus for 3x complete + scenario chart complete

So the dedicated player who’s completed Hakai Hen 10 times with every possible mission done (or downloaded the 10 clear save off GameFAQs) could potentially start with 2,000,000 cash, 350PP and 20 kills each, meaning you could have a fully upgraded unit with all pilots having Continuous Action right off the bat. Hakai Hen was already pretty easy, and this bonus could almost be an “I win” button in Saisei Hen.

I’m kinda on the fence on whether I should be using the clear bonus, even if I only have completed the game only once. Will you be using it?

Source: Famitsu

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