New screenshots of Super Robot Wars Z2 Saisei Hen from Famitsu

Hot off the magazine announcement article, Famitsu have released some clearer (albeit a bit small) screenshots of the upcoming Super Robot Wars Z2-2 Saisei Hen. You can see new units such as Double 0 Gundam, Tetsujin -28, as well as changes to old units, such as Wing Gundam now having Twin Buster Rifles and Shin Mazinger Z with a new scrander. Hit the jump for the gallery.

Source: Famitsu


  1. J-Decker

    Is this ALL of the debuting series or just some of them ’cause I realize that there were a LOT of series in Hakai Hen alone, but I want to know exactly how many.

  2. YJ

    Debut series (never been in any SRW game before):

    * Gundam 00 (2nd Season)
    * Macross 7 Dynamie
    * Tetsujin 28-go
    * Macross F Sayonara no Tsubasa
    * Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2
    * Gurren Lagan Movie

  3. J-Decker

    Oh, I understand what all THESE are, but are there any MORE? Call me a nitpicker if you will, but I’m somewhat impatient regarding the game. If there is no more information available, I’ll understand. @YJ

  4. YJ

    There is no further information at the moment, but I’m 100% certain that the series list is final, since the game is so close to release already.

  5. Gman

    I wonder how they handled the timeline skip,
    Code geass took only 1 year in the anime.
    Gundam 00 4years
    Gurren lagann 1 think is 7 years or less.

  6. YJ

    ZEXIS split up at the end of Z2, so I’m guessing some kind of Dimension Quake/Time Bomb happens and it affects each group differently.

  7. Gman

    Not again hahahah
    they really like the dimension quake haha

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