The Chronicles of Ocean Marketing

I’ve had to deal with my fair share of douchebags in my time. Sometimes justice is not dealt. But today I will put my small part in helping someone else get theirs by reposing this.

It’s been less than 2 days and the entire Internet has converged on Paul Christoforo, “President” of Ocean Marketing Inc. Paul gained instant infamy when an email conversation with a customer went viral starting from a Penny Arcade article. “Gets good blood flow going” no?

Except he was trash talking the customer like you’d find 12 year old would on Call of Duty or any other online game. And apparently also not the first time Paul’s gone rampant either @ Nate’s Network – Poor customer service.

Now you’d think after having felt the wrath of the Internets Paul would back off a little. Here is a tweet from his new Twitter account not more than 3 minutes ago:

What’s worse is that he linked his account to an Ocean Marketing Group, a completely different company with a similar name.  Now that’s a pretty damn low move.

Seriously, I hope no one has to deal with this guy ever again. And one day I hope that I too, can summon Internet justice if I ever need it!


The orignal Penny Arcade article which started all this, and update, and related comic

Nate’s Network – Poor customer service


Ocean Marketing Memes

Here’s a rather vigilant article at the Examiner chronicling all the news to do with this event.

YouTube parody summing up the entire situation:

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